A horse in training here at WOW Equestrian starts off learning basic manners including:
-cross tying
-understanding and obeying boundaries
-picking up feet
-tacking up
-hosing off

Lunging is the next step and is done fully tacked up with saddle and bridle on. The assists the horse to develop:
-acceptance of the bit
-proper position

-teaches coordination
-lateral work in the proper position which supples the horses body
-teaches horse to move away from pressure

-alignment and balance are addressed first by using changes of direction and simple school figures
-assess and then assist horse to find its natural balance
-repetition will assist horse to develop the physical strength and confidence to maintain natural balance
-all horses are worked to become stronger and more physically fit
-learning to be submissive to contact and maintain correct position

WOW Equestrian training offers:
-training geared to your horses specific issues
-a daily routine
-different riding environments (indoor and outdoor arena, open areas/fields; can even schedule competitions for additional fee)

WOW Equestrian wants to know about your dreams and desires for your equine partner. This will assist us in customizing a training program to help you achieve your goals.