Do you dream of riding in the Olympics? Are you a fearless risk taker jumping their enormous oxer on cross country or the poised, elegant rider gracefully executing the Grand Prix dressage test? In either case, your horse of choice would more than likely be a Sport Horse. A Sport Horse by definition is one that exhibits the desired characteristics for traditional Olympic equestrian events, including dressage, show jumping, Eventing and combined driving. Whatever your choice of disciplines is, a Sport Horse would be a wise decision. Sport Horses exhibit a strong correct phenotype, which equips them to be capable of competing at the highest levels of equestrian sports. Their intelligence and aptitude for learning make them desirable mounts. If you are searching for a new equine partner, look to the Sport Horse to provide an athletic, agile and intelligent equine partner. There are numerous resources to educate yourself on every aspect of the Sport Horse. Are you looking to breed your next Sport Horse? There are thousands of breeders available, or do you want to purchase a young horse you can train? Do your research and find a reputable horse professional in your area to help you on your quest for the Sport Horse that will suit you best. Stay connected to a trusted horse professional and become a member of the growing population of Sport Horse owners.

WOW Equestrian has assisted many over the years in finding their ideal equine partner. If you are searching for the horse of your dreams please contact WOW Equestrian today!
Pictured is WOW Eliakim a Sport Horse mare. Sire: Quitar Do Top.