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10 Frauds Planning An Nfl Draft Party
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Life is an experience from the trails of tears and self discovery to the peaks of joy and expanded awareness in the mountains. To each of my¬†valued riders from babies to adults, to the 4 Star General of the United States Military, and an occasional dog or cat…you added value and experience to my life! Listen for the bray of ancient wisdom and may the love I felt ever extend like a beacon of light from the heavens to heal the Universe!
Rest In Peace Salt…AKA The Great White, White Cadillac, Queen of Mommy’s Heart.
Born around 1970-January 24, 2018

Crazy Salt mule antics: While mules may be sure footed, never go everywhere your human points you, for you may end up in quick sand, which is a sticky place to be. In this rare case forward movement isn’t always forward progress! Humans must realize early on mules are wise and should be trusted! When humans say ho…that is short for wagons ho, and means go…if they say whoa mule that means stop. When the rider does something to irritate you, pin your big ol ears, if they don’t listen… ring your tail and swat them as you would an annoying fly. If mule and human are equally relaxed, it’s certainly time to let your guard down and make your human think if only a second that you may be intoxicated because your big ol ears move back and forth with each mule step! When human wants to ride you on the road, never fox trot/gait on the side of the road even if instructed, because some humans think they should race said mule in their vehicle, this is dangerous! Always go to the center of the road and fox trot so they have to slow down and then you create a respectful audience! When a directionally impaired human wants to hit the trails, the mule must be in charge or camp will remain illusive! Always follow the strange gelding on the trail that looks like your former herd mate, even if you have to run to catch up to him, so much for the humans plan of having a nice meditative joy ride… it’s time to awaken! Be loyal to your owner even when said human puts a different saddle on, just buck high enough that they can give said saddle a nice test drive and see over the tasseled corn field, if they remain on your back they are both keepers! A mule must always entertain the audience! If the loyal owner is watching someone else ride you and you see a flower bed…be scared suddenly and jump out of your skin sideways, you never know their last equine could be buried there! A rope attached to your mule halter and then laid on the ground by a human means you are ground tied, especially if dropped at the foot of a jump, never over exert yourself! Never go directly to your stall, that’s human routine, they need to learn to blaze their own trail or at least think one step ahead of a wise ol mule! Enjoy all of life especially the nature trails, even when apparent fears crop up, out fox it! When a human hands your lead rope off to the dog, follow the dog out of obedience, this demonstrates that 4-leggeds are just as intelligent as humans! Not all dogs are to be trusted by the herd protective mule, however if said dog comes into your stall through the feeder window, said dog is sure to be ok, even if they proceed to wind you up with their tie out lead, they are simply scaredy cats in disguise, and they need a mother mule to stand guard over them! Along those same lines, when children run under your feet… don’t kick like a horse, freeze; allow them to stand in amazement under your belly and soak up all the love that they give their new mule mom! We can’t have our own children, but we do believe in adoption! When the herd won’t move when you squeel, show the herd and the human that even ancient ol mules are still agile enough to jump the water tank! Cross ties were developed for horses and humans, because mules are intelligent beings…we ground tie, well until said human comes to capture you and ride you without an apple or peppermint treat, then by all means run like they left the gate open braying and laughing the entire way. No worries they will forget and do it again and again! When the feed train starts…paw until you get what you want, even if you must dig a hole to China and all the human can see of you is your two big ol radar ears sticking up. If it takes the human too long…wind up your brayer as tight as you can and let it all go, maybe the human will hear (listening is most important) and laugh along with you, if not laugh any way because the world needs more of it. Always befriend an old horse mare that will scratch you where you can’t reach, lead you on a safe path, and be there with you in your deluxe condo until death do you part! Oh and before you go on make sure you tell the next mule in line… you have big shoes to fill!

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